Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle SV1106

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle SV1106

There are a large number of options when it comes to stick vacuum cleaners and one of them is from Euro-Pro with the Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle SV1106. A lot of consumers are happy with Shark cleaners, they seem to have good suction power and meat there cleaning needs easily. Everyone though has different needs so if you are in the market for a stick vacuum and you want something that is great for quick jobs, stores in less room and is cord free and bagless this could be the one for you.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle SV1106

The Shark Navigator Freestyle comes powered by a 14.4V Ni-Mh batter so there is no cord to step over and move around, you are truly able to go freestyle! When the battery is almost completely depleted it will turn itself off as this kind of battery must not be completely empty when it needs charging. That charging will take 7 hours that first time when you get it, but then just 4 hours after that. It comes with a charge adapter that indicates when it has reached full charge, but if you are not ready to use it then, it is ok to let it sit charging past that 4 hours.


You can use the Shark SV1106 on both kind of flooring, bare or carpeted and also good for stairs. The motorized brush has two speeds and consumers who have bought have said it does not scratch up their wooden floors. It will pick up pet hair and there is a  button to switch from one speed setting to the other, using high speed on carpeting and low speed on rugs and bare floors. The brush does not completely stop buts its spin slows enough so that it should not kick around debris. In terms of run time it depends on how long you spend on high speed and low speed. If you stay in high speed the battery will give you 12 minutes of cleaning time, if you stay in low speed you will get about 17 minutes, if you mix it up you will get somewhere in between!


The swivel steering means this is a very maneuverable machine allowing you to  move around furniture easily and to reach beneath it. It is not as easy perhaps as those with the ball feature though, but it is still easy to move around and less likely to get stuck in places. It only weighs 11lbs and while that may be heavier than a lot of sticks on the market (there are models out there as light as 5 pounds) this makes it still lighter and easier to move than a full sized upright cleaner. If you are looking for lighter vacuum cleaners, read this guide on the best lightweight vacuum cleaners. Standard vacuum have a cleaning path of 12 to 15 inches but this stick has one of 10 inches, it is a trade off between taking a bit longer to clean open spaces and being able to fit better in between tight places.

Easy Cleaning

sv1106Being a bagless cleaner, the Shark Navigator Freestyle stick vacuum cleaner has an easy to empty dust cup instead. At the front is a button which releases the cup then you hold it over the bin and release the hinged door to empty out its contents. If you find there is debris or hair causing a block or getting stuck  there is a way to open the cup at the top too.

As well as not having to buy replacement bags with this cleaner, you also do not have to buy replacement filters. It is one that can be cleaned once a month. You can also remove the brush roll from the nozzle and give that a clean. If it gets jammed around the power button is an indicator light that will flash. You can insert scissors if needed more easily as it has a cutting guide that is raised.

Of course there are some negatives or criticisms that have been noted about the Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle. Being battery powered limits the length of time you have to use it for example. It also does not come with any attachments or tools, as you usually get with upright cleaners. This is not a machine for dusting, clearing cobwebs and other jobs, it is more limited. Some customers also feel it is noisier than some other options.


Overall though customers are satisfied with its cleaning effectiveness but note it is not a machine for heavy duty cleaning or for large spaces to clean. It is easier to work with than standard uprights, lighter and more maneuverable. In most cases it handles pet hair well, and it reaches places that are hard or impossible with those larger cleaners too. People who have it use it for light duty clean ups, have smaller living spaces and are looking for vacuum cleaners that are not as heavy, bulky, hard to steer and take up a lot of storage room. The Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle SV1106 has a positive rating of 4.4/5 on and there are plenty of positive reviews there too.

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